Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pretty in Blue

Happy Tuesday!
    My mom, grandma, sister and I went on a shopping trip to Dallas several months ago as a Christmas gift from our parents.  One of the stores we stopped at, (a store whose name I can't quite recall at the moment) had this beautiful shirt in several different colors.  Grandma swooped this blue shirt off the rack and bought it.  Lo and behold, several months later within whose closet should it be found?  That's right, mine.  Grandma no longer wanted it so I got this shirt, along with another similar shirt but in denim.  Grandma had always been conscious and wary of some of my clothing choices when I was younger, (wearing a Halloween costume to school??) not ironing some clothes, having messy hair...just to name a few things.  But this option she approved of!

{A necklace given to me by Hubby after we'd been dating for a month.  He actually surprised me in Edmond (where I'd been living at the time,) and had put together a scavenger hunt for me around my house.  My friends and I had just returned from a friend's beautiful wedding shower.  What a sight it would have been to see 4 or 5 of us girls flocking around the house from spot to spot, looking for the next clue.  The hunt ended in one of my dresser drawers where nestled among my clothing was a little cream jewelry box.  He then showed up at the house!  And I'd wondered why my friend, Lizzle had been trying to herd us quickly from the wedding shower...}
{Twinkies! I just love accidental twinkie moments.  This brightened my morning when one of my fellow coworkers showed up at work in practically the same outfit!  Just goes to show how versatile one piece of clothing can be.}

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