Monday, September 16, 2013

6 Days Til Autumn

Autumn.  Crisp mornings and evenings, pumpkin flavored everything, crunchy leaves, hot chocolate, hot cider, Halloween, Thanksgiving, family, pumpkin and cinnamon scented everything!  I love everything about Fall.  I could go on an on.  I know I have in previous posts.  Well now, it's only 6 days away, y'all!!  Not that I'm counting...
  On a side note I hope to start taking pictures with a real camera soon.  For some reason, my phone pictures don't like transferring very well to computer screen and end up looking slightly discolored and pixelated.  I'll feel much better once they start looking better!  Now, onto my Fall decorations so far!
{Corner table in formal living.  I like the different levels of items on this table.  The lamp is the only thing of its height, then the sized kind of draw your eyes down to the pumpkin and bottles.  you can't see it from this angle, but I actually have the lamp sitting up on a couple of books.  I'll have to add more pictures later.  I love decorating with old books.}

{A fun little vignette type of display I did on our china hutch.  I had to be creative and find little objects to put underneath the silky fabric to elevate some of the decor items for multi-levels. A funny story about the two pumpkins on the right; I bought these from Rivercity Trading Post (one of my favorite antique and collectible places to shop!) in Jenks a few weeks ago.  As I was unpacking the rest of my Fall decorations, do you know what I ran across?  A second set!  I guess it goes to show I like them so much that I got a second set. Ha!  The spyglass is from the Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts. The silky fabric is actually from our wedding reception.  It was a square of fabric bunched up around a candle holder/candelabra in the middle of the tables.  It's a very symmetrical and eye catching display, if you ask me!  I wanted to include different textures and elements.}

{Now this isn't a decoration, but it's one of the aforementioned Fall favorites, 'pumpkin flavored everything': Pumpkin Pie bagel from Panera.  Mm-mm!!}

{All of the bagels in all of their flavorful glory!  Notice the pumpkin pie bagel basket is the emptiest one!}

{And pumpkins!  They have arrived in store, ready to be carved or just sit on your front porch.  One day I hope to grow my own.  I tried it the 'correct, book' way but they died!  (Actually, I think that was more because of the melon mites that got to them.) Next time I think I am going to try just throwing the seeds into an appropriate area of the yard and letting them go to see how they do!}

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