Monday, September 30, 2013

Habitat for Humanity and Painting!

 Happy Monday, everyone!  Can you believe that tomorrow is October FIRST?!  I can't believe it's here already!
  This weekend was a packed! Friday was a family gathering where I got to meet more of Hubby's wonderful family, and the first night of our small community group with church.  Saturday was HFH, and home remodels; and Sunday was the Tulsa State Fair!  I think we gained about 10 pounds.
    Saturday, despite the torrential downpour was a productive day.  Saturday morning I was blessed t o be able to be a part of a Habitat for Humanity project with my church.  It was to be a 5 bedroom house for a deserving family with 7 children.  It was also time that I got to spend with my Dad.  The goal for that day was erecting all of the walls.  The outer wall frames were already built.  We just had to go through and hammer on the plywood and cut out the windows.  Next came raising the walls!  It sure was amazing to see the difference and to be part of a great project.  I can now say I have built and raised house walls.  We were going to begin on all of the interior walls but that's when the downpour hit and the work had to be temporarily suspended.

{This is before the walls were built. And below is a picture of the walls ready and waiting to be raised.}

My next project of Saturday was long overdue.  The only walls in our house that have remained white are the two bathrooms and the hallway outside our bedroom and guest bedroom.  I've been wanting to find the perfect color to paint the guest bath.  I started the room make over by painting the sink base and cabinets a glossy black. (This is the sink that I mentioned in my previous post on which I used the same glossy black lacquer.)  I also painted the antique mirror to match.  Eventually, we want to cover the laminate flooring with faux wood vinyl, like in the kitchen.  I will also have to later include a picture of the sink once it was painted.

I have Better Homes and Garden to thank for the paint inspiration.  There was a coupon for a free 8oz sample of a Fall color of Valspar paint.  Since the Lowe's we went to had not yet received their Fall supply of colors, we got to choose any color we wanted!  We chose Valspar's Caramel Cream.  Those 8ozs were enough to put two coats on one wall section of our guest bathroom.  Woo-hoo!!  I felt pretty accomplished.  Of course, there's still more to be done.  We want to paint just one side of the bathroom and leave the other side white so it's not as overwhelming.  More pictures to come soon!

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