Monday, November 18, 2013

My Weekend and Me

This is the beginning picture of a future post about these cookies I found in Pinterest called Swig Cookies.  They sounded delicious!  They are a nice thick sugar cookie.  I actually think they came out thicker than intended since I might or might not have used half bread flour on accident.  I can't tell them apart!  But they still tasted amazing.  All I lack is the colored frosting to go on them.

 My weekend Christmas craft!  They actually turned out better than I thought they would.  They look even better from a distance. They match the bright vibe that I am going for in the dining room. There will be many more crafts to come.  Especially since I will be getting a booth at a craft mall.  Finally!!  I found one I liked that is going to be opening in Sapulpa.  All I need to do is get my inventory up.  We will be selling decorated bottles, Christmas-y things (during December only of course,) and David's photography, and really anything else we fell like stuffing in the booth.  I am pre-tty excited!

It always cracks us up when Bandit sites like this. We were getting ready to leave and he went in and sat in his 'my owners are getting ready to leave' perch.  It was so cute!  Sitting like a human.  I just can't get enough of him!  I wish I could take him to work with me, if I knew he wasn't going to bark at people that came in.

Mmmm Sunday dinner at Grandma's: bacon wrapped pork tender loin, sweet potato casserole (for me, since I will be out of town for Thanksgiving,) mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and for dessert, pumpkin bread pudding!!!

A really fun and intense game that I was introduced to this weekend when I met some friends for coffee: Pandemic. a 2-4 player game in which you try to  find the cure and eradicate the diseases from the world before time runs out.  Each person has a different role and you work together to rid each country of the raging disease.  There are outbreaks, infections and epidemics.  It gets pretty intense!

Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get away from me!  My parents' neighbors have a flock of chickens and roosters in the middle of a city neighborhood.  They're a lot of fun to watch.  I wish I could have gotten a still picture of mister rooster.  He had such pretty coloring!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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