Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Thankful

Well folks, it's happened!  After all this waiting, all this preparing myself...94.1 FM has finally started playing all Christmas music!  Now, not only can I listen to Christmas music all day at work, thanks to Pandora, but now I can listen to it anywhere I go in the car!  It makes me happy.  You can't say that you've ever listened to Christmas music and been anything but happy.  Except for that Christmas Shoes song.  Makes me cry every. single. time.  No lie.  So I generally change the station when that song comes on.  My eyes are actually getting that welling up sensation just thinking about it.  Moving on!

 Our house is beginning to look more and more like Christmas has arrived.  Now, I know what you're thinking: Sarah, you can't skip Thanksgiving, what about Thanksgiving??  I have my handmade wooden Turkey and fall centerpiece still sitting on the dining room table (surrounded by all of the Christmas stuff I'm still trying to find places for...) so don't worry.  And I'm being thankful a lot.  I'm thankful for such a wonderful husband.  A wonderful husband that put up with me starting to decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween.  A husband who is so kind and patient with me.  A husband whom I love very much and enjoy spending time with.  Sometimes I wish we worked in the same office so I could see him all day every day!!  Too much?  Nah...
(also, the nerd in me came out when typing this.  When typing nah, my caps lock accidentally got pushed to where it said NaH.  My first thought was that it looked like a periodic symbol.....  So I had to look it up.  Sodium Hydride: "NaH is a representative of the saline hydrides, meaning it is a salt-like hydride composed of Na+ and H- ions." Makes me feel so smart.  Also reminds me of a time when friends and I thought this guy in our church play was a hot guy.  We couldn't very well going around calling him 'hot guy' for the whole world to know what we thought!  He would know!  So we started calling him Hg, which for those of you that don't know is the periodic symbol for Mercury.  Thus, the nickname Mercury was born!  We all thought we were so clever.)  Anyway, I think I have way way digressed.  I have chased that white rabbit to his rabbit hole and beyond!'s what our house is looking like for Christmas so far:

 Those bottles I am actually going to start selling in an craft mall about the first week of December.  I am pretty excited!  I've been itching to get a business started, so this will be just a small taste to get me started. Also, the hanging owls probably aren't going to stay.  I think I was a little delirious from being sleepy and it being past my bedtime.  I just decided to play around with them a little.

Y'all just thought I was going to put of some pretty pictures for you to look at without my narrating.  For a second, I did too!  But...I just couldn't let that happen.  I like talking too much.

This is an assorted ornament trough that's on our coffee table.  I love it.  Put it together last night before I went to bed.  As I've mentioned before, when Husband and I moved into the house it came with a shed FULL of stuff.  All but the silver ornaments were in a small box inside one of the boxes in the shed.  I wonder if they did something similar with them or if it was just a box of random stuff that they'd bought at a garage sale.  The later seems more plausible.  I like the mixture of the red, silver and gold.  I also had to throw in the little guy on the horse just for diversity.

This is just to assure you all that I do still have thanksgiving out.  I'm not completely bypassing it.  It's just currently coexisting with Christmas.  

Thank you all for stopping by today!  Happy Thursday-almost-Friday!!  Tomorrow, Mama, Grandma, Sister and I are going to Texas. On Sunday, I have a long overdue reunion with my best friend in Philadelphia and her family!

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