Monday, November 4, 2013

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Monday, y'all!!  This weekend I took down all of my Halloween/Fall decorations.  For some reason, I'm extra ready for Christmas this year!  But don't think I'm completely skipping over Thanksgiving.  I did leave up our dining room centerpiece and added a hand crafted turkey made by my late grandfather.  Mom and Grandma would always find craft projects they loved at craft fairs and would buy one to bring back for Grandpa to make.  He would do all the woodcutting/woodworking and they would do all the painting/decorating of it.  So this turkey holds a special place in my heart.

{Big bowl of leftover Halloween candy since we had NO trick-or-treaters.  Call me crazy, but the more readily available candy is, the less I will eat it.  We still have a mostly full bowl of dark chocolate kisses that I got for Husband's birthday back in September. (Well, minus the several several pieces our doglet snuck out during the night when he thought we wouldn't notice.  I noticed.  I heard his little dogtags clinking against the metal candy bowl...)}

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