Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dumpster Chair 2

  Happy Wednesday!!  Do you all remember my Dumpster chair from a few months ago?  (You can refresh your memories here.) I've been dragging and dragging my feet on finishing it.  I knew all the elements it needed: a little paint
             a seat
             and an eye catching fabric to cover the seat.
It was just a matter of getting all of these things together.  For the eye catching fabric, a friend gave me a whole bag of upholstery samples that she got for free from a fabric store.  Score!  That bag happened to contain the perfect swatch of fabric that was the perfect size for the seat!

{ I bought a piece of plywood for the seat.  Husband let me use a power saw to cut out the circle. But first, I got to make my own compass out of a nail, string and mechanical pencil to draw a perfect circumference for the seat.  And in case you're wondering, I always wear a crown when I craft.  Makes me feel like a crafting princess.  I then cut out a few circles from an old comforter, stapled it onto the seat, stapled the fabric over it, then trimmed off the excess fabric.  And........

                                                Here it is!!

Thank you all for joining me today!!

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