Monday, November 11, 2013

Dave and Busters Date

As you know, yesterday was mine and Husband's one year wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, we went out to Dave and Buster's, ate some really good food, plaid some games, won lots of tickets and spent them on candy, iPhone speaker and a to go coffee cup.  We had so much fun together.  Just being in each other's company was enough for me.  

 {We know each other so well that we ended up getting each other the same card!  There's actually a really funny story behind these possum cards.  One that makes me kind of hate possums.  It involves a dead possum, a crawl space and lots of crying.}

{This is a dress that I've had for months!  I got it at Tiger Lily in Edmond while killing time before a friend's wedding.  I couldn't resist.  As you all know, I'm big on sales.  This dress was originally $40.  I got it for $10!!!  I've been keeping it safe in the backseat of my car ever since July.  And it still fits!  I wanted to wear a special dress for a very special occasion.}

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