Monday, October 21, 2013

War Eagle Mills

This weekend was a fun-filled weekend.  I went on a roadtrip to Rogers, AR with my mom, grandma and sister to visit the War Eagle craft Fair.  It was tons of fun!  This was actually the first time we'd been in years.  The first picture is the view of  the fair from the above winding road to get to it.  Traffic wasn't all that bad either.  Only a short wait to get into the parking lot.  We went through row upon row of tents filled with fun goodies, crafts, lots of Halloween decor (of which I managed to leave without having bought any) and many other things.  The day started off cool but soon warmed up a bit as the sun climbed higher in the sky.  It was good getting to spend time with the ladies of my family while we jostled through the crowds to see what all our eyes could take in.
  We ate lunch at the beans and cornbread restaurant located on the 3rd floor of War Eagle Mill.  It was delicious!  The perfect meal for a cool fall outing.

 {I have bad luck with sunglasses, with them breaking so we had to make a pit stop at Walmart once we rolled into Springdale so I could get some new sunglasses.  While there, Mom spotted this wonderful sock bun ring for only $2.88 that I had to buy!  It came with the ring, several bobby pins, a couple of hair ties and instructions.  It only took about 10 seconds to whip up this hair creation.  I loved it so much that I wore it the next day as well!}
 {I realize that my sister and I, along with all of the others that we saw doing it were minorly exploited, but it was worth it.  When Mom was younger, she had this beautiful silver ring made out of a recycled spoon handle.  I don't know what happened to it, but it seems to have been lost forever.  It was always fun to wear.  At the fair, there was a booth with an older gentleman selling this exact type of ring!  All sorts of varieties.  Above his booth, there was a wooden sign that said if we showed him our hidden tattoo and let him take its picture that he would give us one of these rings for free.  Apparently he was making an album of the tattoos he'd seen at the craft fair.  I have a fall tree on my side with Psalms 23, my favorite scripture written beneath it.  It's the first time our tattoos have paid off, Mama said!}
                                                         {War Eagle Mill, which is still a functioning mill}

   {Cooler Fall weather meant I got to break out my winter tub of sweaters and throw on boots and a scarf!}

            {Sister and I listening to a good bluegrass band that hailed from our part of Oklahoma!}

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