Monday, October 7, 2013

Kansas, the Fair, and Us

We had a blast this weekend.  Friday night we went to the new McNellie's pub/restaurant in Tulsa for a friend's birthday dinner.  I had fish and chips paired with a Boulevard Whet 80 Acres Hoppy Beer.  It was the perfect pairing of flavors and fun times with friends.
    Saturday, Hubby, Bandit and I left for Wichita Kansas early in the morning to spend time with his grandmother and uncle.  It was a great one day trip.  We sat and caught up on life and current events.  We hadn't seen her since Christmas!!  Much too long.  We had the most delicious lunch I've had in a long time at P.F. Chang's then a light dinner at Jason's Deli.  I love little and big road trips and love getting to spend time with family.  We got to kill two birds with one stone this time.  Grandma Sandy just loved getting to see us and Bandit.  It's a shame we can't see them more often.  I feel the same way with all of our family that's spread throughout the East coast; In Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia... I wish we could visit them all all the time.  Why hasn't someone come up with a way to apparate yet?  You know, like in Harry Potter.  You think real hard about where you want to go, and with a pop and "feeling as if a hook has just hooked you behind the navel and pulled you into darkness" you appear at your thought of destination. Actually, the hook behind the navel bit I think I am getting confused with portkeys, which are a whole other story all together!
"Oh honey, how about we apparate to Boston this evening and then spend the weekend in Wilmington or Raleigh, NC."
 "Why yes, darling.  I would love to!"
"Alright, don't forget to pack your swimmin' suit, I think we'll go to the beach this time."
Of course, along with apparating would come certain rules being imposed, such as not being able to apparate into establishments or amusement get the idea.  But then again, if we could apparate, then there would be other magic to put limits on where people could apparate into. But really, I digress...

We also went to the Tulsa State Fair last weekend.  And then I went again with my sister this weekend.  My stomach is in hate with me! I came back into contact with the amazing BBQ Parfait that I had back in May at Mayfest.  Baked beans on the bottom and layers of mashed potatoes, pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top of that.  How can you say no to that??

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