Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Retired Insulators

 I'm not sure where my fascination for these beautiful insulators came from.  I just know that my collection grew and grew until both window sills in our Florida room were covered.  You see them everywhere.  I never noticed them though until I started antiquing with my husband.  (Which when we started we had just started dating.)  He helped fuel my  passion for these little turquoise pieces of glass and would periodically buy me ones while he was out and about.  they come in all sorts of shapes and colors, but my love is for  the turquoise and clear ones.  On our honeymoon in Branson, we were taking a scenic railway tour between Missouri and Arkansas when we saw some lonesome turquoise insulators still clinging to their telephone poles in the mountains!  It was neat seeing them in their native environment that seemed to be trapped in time.
  I've included a few pictures that I found of them being used in beautiful Fall displays.  I've seen many more uses for them and hope to experiment a little more with them.

                                {Here they are lining one of our Florida room window sills.}

{On our trip to Vermont last July, we found the mother of all insulators!  It was nestled on the floor of a cute little antique shop, (which happened to be right across the street from the Ben & Jerry's factory!!) and was of course pointed out to be by Hubby.  I couldn't leave it!  It was a bargain for $7.  Of course, it was the heaviest thing in one of my carry on bags on the flight back to OK... it was worth it.  Our checked bags were a different matter entirely.  The New England area had so many different types of antiques to offer than OK had.  It was hard to resist the allure of so many antique places.}

{This is a display I saw on our recent trip to the War Eagle Craft Fair.  Such cute craft ideas!  And I loved the combination of turquoise and orange for the Fall display.  The combination of the lighter shades of turquoise and orange brighten up the display and add a bit of cheer.}

A beautiful Fall mantle from Nici at Posed Perfection.  She has tons of fun projects and ideas on her blog.  When you all have a free minute, you should check her out!  This mantle includes a few of our wedding colors; orange, turquoise, cream and brown.  Brings back memories.  She included a couple of my favorite kinds of insulators to tie in to the Fall display.

Here's another fun use for insulators from Patti at Old Things New.  Maybe we should have one made or make one to hang in our Florida room??  That would also free up a little window sill space to make room for more!  Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed?

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