Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Olive juice!"

   Have you all ever tried the mouthing of "olive juice" across the room to someone?  It's supposed to look like you're saying 'I love you.'  Kind of like in the movies apparently all of the extras on set when filming busy cafe scenes or need filler words, they're supposed to say 'rhubarb' or 'watermelon' to give filler sound.  Ever notice how you can never really understand what any of  the extras are saying in the scenes?

    This dress is one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  Not only is it a beautiful shade of olive green, but it's good to wear in the warmer months and the cooler months.  Not to mention it goes with practically everything!  It's one of the few articles of clothing I own from Anthropologie.  It was on major sale.  $10!!  Paired with an animal print scarf and warm boots, I felt very fallish in this outfit.  Apparently Mom had the same idea!  We both showed up at choir last night wearing matching animal print scarves!  This is another case of the 'twinkies.'  I love these moments. I'll have to go back through my old pictures and find some of my favorite twinkie moments to share with you all!  though I believe one of my favorites had to have been several years ago when I got together with a group of friends and not only was there a set or two of twinkies, but there were 3!!  That's right folks.  3 sets of twinkies walking around my house.  How often does that happen?  Can't say that I've seen it too much.  But it really made my heart happy.

 What are some things that really make your heart happy?  Twinkies? Spending time with friends?  Making goofy faces at your friend across the office?  I'd love to hear what it is!!

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