Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Animal Print in Autumn

Shirt: Kohl's; Skirt and boots: Plato's Closet; leggings: Target; Watch: Sam Moon.

I used to not like animal print.  I don't know why.  I always just seemed to have an aversion to it.  Maybe it was because I used to be a tomboy (hard t o believe, I know!) and that was just too girly for me.  I think the closest I got to animal print was the year I was a leopard in preschool.  You better believe I was the cutest little leopard there ever was!  I've slowly gotten into the animal print craze.  It started with a tiger striped jacket that I got on one of our annual trips to Eureka Springs a few years ago.  After that, the hunt began for the perfect gray/black leopard print scarf.  Everything else just kind of fell into place.
  I hope you all have a Wickedly awesome Wednesday!

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