Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preening Peacock

I love peacocks.  They're beautiful, their calls are erie, and they're fabulous!  Their colors are beautiful and go with everything and versatile.....and I could go on and on.  My outfit yesterday was inspired by these beautiful, majestic creatures.

Got my ring cleaned and recovered and all spruced up!

Skirt is from ages ago.  I got it for Christmas one year and just rediscovered it.  I believe it dates all the way back to my high school days.  (Which, speaking of our 10 year HS reunion is now in like 2 years.  Yikes!)  And yes, this is my superhero pose.
Here are a few pictures from my peacock inspired past.  First two are from UCO's anual faculty Halloween recital at UCO's Jazz Lab.  Me with my good friends, Kristen and Lizzle (Lizzle was in our wedding!) Then me with my zookeeper Hubby!  It was an interesting car ride to the venue, to say the least...

                  One of the UCO Vocal Jazz concerts.  Kenzie, Brian and I were triplets!!

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