Monday, May 20, 2013

Mayfest and More!

So this weekend was a fun filled weekend that left me going to bed at 8:00pm on Sunday evening.  I fell asleep just as the quiet evening was giving way to peals of thunder from the oncoming storm.

[Saturday was part of 'art car weekend'.  Mama and I ran accross a banana car on our way to the Cherry Street Frmers Market]

                                                                   [Mama and me]

                                                                [A peacock car]

                                                                 [A toaster car]

[I work for an insurance company that helped sponsor March of Dimes and hosted a Wine Dinner and silent auction and live auction.  It was an amazing Art Deco evening full of good food, good drinks, and wonderful company.  Not to mention, the proceeds were going to support a very worthy cause of helping fund research to help mothers have healthy babies.  Diferent chefs came out, representing different restaurants and set up a working kitchen in one ofthe many beautiful kitchens that Metro Appliances had to offer.  A few of the restaurasnts present were Far Guy's Burgers, Waterfront Grill, Le Madeline (I ad like 5 of their delicious fruit tarts) and Cardigans]  I will post more pictures of this event soon!

[Sunday I went to Tulsa's Mayfest and Blue Dome Art Festival with one of my good friends and her husband.  Above is a picture of a very decadent, unique, delicious 'BBQ Parfait'!!  Oh it made my mouth water just looking at the sign for it. Though I will admit, I was a little repulsed at first.  BBQ and Parfait are not two words I expected to see in the same food sentence.  Ever.  But boy am I glad someone came up with it!  It was BBQ-heaven-in-a-cup!  Layers of baked beans, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes with the crowning glory of a yummy scoop of seasoned mashed potatoes drizzled in more BBQ sauce.  It was definitely the highlight of my Mayfest treck. (Aside from spending time with my good friends, of course.)  I also ran into several other good friends and parents.  Sunday was definitely the day to be out!]

                                       [My friend, Amelya and me at the Blue Dome district]

[And of course, our weekend of fun was finished off in a relaxing manner of watching Star Trek and cuddling with Hubby our precious little doglet.]

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