Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend in OKC

I had such a fun filled weekend, filled with family, friends, shopping and delicious food.  Mom, Rachel, Grandma and I went down to OKC Saturday for a belated shopping trip for my sister at the new OKC outlet mall.  Mama wanted to climb up onto the big round ball.  It actually looked very tempting to climb up on one myself, or try to roll it around.  But alas (and good for Mama) they were very attached to the ground.

Above is a kind of dark picture of a delicious sushi restaurant, SAII in Oklahoma City.  It was such an intimate atmosphere that felt like I was leaving Oklahoma and walking into Japan.  Each booth was covered by deep wooden boards, and sections separated by bamboo chain curtains.  My friend's sister, Emily and I got two delicious rolls to share; the Heavenly roll and the Crazy Cajun.  Both were melt in your mouth good!

Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed a beautiful Graduate recital by my friend, Yosuke Yamamoto.  Pictured above: His recital theme was 'Songs from Japan'.  During three of his pieces, he had a dancer performing traditional Japanese dances.  It was a beautiful experience.  She had on a different costume each time.  The one pictured is a warrior dance.
    To the left is Yosuke (left) singing a duet with his roommate and one of my dear friends, Myles Simpson.  They sang my favorite men's duet from Pearl Fischer.  It was amazing!  And their voices blended so well.  I was very proud of both of them, and very proud of Yosuke for coming back to start and finish his grad program after having been away for a few years. He is such a good friend and so talented. 

This is a picture I felt I had to include.  I've never seen so many onions in one place at one time.  I think Mama said it was Shriner Vidalia Onion time.  And I do believe she was right!  I've seen a couple of them on a few street corners selling them. 
   All in all it was a very good weekend.  I am blessed to have so many dear friends and being so close to my family.

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