Friday, May 17, 2013


I figured I would sneak this post in here about our Honeymoon to Branson.  I'll post later as well about the details of our wedding, since that kind of is why I started this blog.  :)

                                                             [Our rented Mazda 3]

                                                                         [Bride and Groom shirts I made for the first day of our Honeymoom]

[Luggage from my parents for our Honeymoom, with Bride/Groom tags. We didn't want to get them mixed up....;)]

[Welcome to Missouri!  We went and did everything there was to do in Branson, Missouri!]
[Dinner at the Outback Restaurant our first night t here.  Delicious food.]

[For our wedding night, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tulsa]

[David met the Genie at the Hollywood Wax Museum]

[I met Hugh Heffner.  He let me borrow some of his bunny ears]
[Lunch at the Baldknobbers Restaurant.  Home cookin style buffet]

[No Branson trip is complete without riding the Ducks!  Plus who can resist the free quackers; all they were missing was cheese......*quack quaaaaack*]

[We went to Silverdollar City on the last day!  I tell you, this was the time to go.  It was during their Festival of Lights.  Children were still in school, so it was just us and a bunch of Senior Citizens groups.  Hardly any lines for the rides and really not too crowded.  It was actually part of our deciding factor for going to Branson. (Not the senior citizens, but SDC's Christmas Festival)]

[We youred Marvel Cave while at SDC.  It was a lot of fun!  It was one of the best trips to SDC]
[We also played mini golf at Grand Country Buffet, went to Ripley's Believe it or Not, saw Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Christmas show (complete with the most amazing meal I've ever had there, I even got to take home my little hen that we were served.  Unfortunately, I left it at the hotel in the fridge and never got to finish it...) Also saw the Jim Stafford show, toured a winery and did a wine tasting, saw the Titanic Museum (it's such a tragic, yet amazing story.  I will never tire of hearing about it,) rode on Branson's Scenic Railway into Arkansas and back (which we found out after we'd already purchased our tickets that in the Christmas season, they had a reenactment  ride of the Polar Express, complete with singing waiters, hot chocolate and cookies!  Maybe we can do that next time.)  We shopped at Branson Landing, down by the river, shopped in Hollister, a cute little German-esque town just outside of Branson, and hit just about every antique store in and surrounding Branson.]

[Welcome home sign from Mama and Daddy!]

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