Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma Reliefs

I am sure many of you have heard about the tornados that ripped through Moore and SW OKC, Oklahoma May 19-20, leaving devastation in their wakes.  I am so blessed to live in such a caring, loving, helping state as Oklahoma.  The relief efforts and volunteers and donations have been overwhelmingly amazing in their magnitudes.  (I know, a lot of big words, but the response is worthy of as many big words as I can find.) 
    Many churches and businesses are stepping in and lending a hand in any way they can.  I've heard of donation sites having long long lines of people waiting to drop stuff off for the families affected.  My church, Olivet Baptist Church-Tulsa is taking up donations of diapers, wipes, gatorade and snacks to take to Moore.  I cleaned out all of my drawers and closet and am taking some gently used clothes.  It made it a LOT easier to clean things out when I knew it was going to people in need.
    Another of the businesses that is helping in the relief efforts is Tulsa's the Vintage Pearl hand stamped jewelry.  100% of the proceeds from the pictured Oklahoma necklace are being donated to the American Red Cross and it's tornado victims relief efforts.  I was blown away when I heard how big the response has been in just 2 days!  If you clock on the Vintage Pearl above, the link will tke you directly to the website where you can order it. 

    Oklahoma is truly an amazing place to live.  We are people that are full of love, hope and life.  We aren't afraid to step up when there is an overwhelming need.  I am proud to say that I'm an Okie!!

love for Oklahoma

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