Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day to Remember

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance.  A time to remember those that have gone before us.  A time to honor and remember those who have served this country and sacrificed in order that we might have freedom.  I can't even begin to thank servicemen and women enough.  Thank you ALL for all that you do.

Grandpa Clarence C. Forrester's grave.  We went to decorate Saturday.
                                  [York family reunion in Collinsville]
[A sneak peek at my next DIY project!]

[Gardening with Mama, Grandma and Bandit at Grandma's house]

[Bandit ist eine Pensive Puppy]

[Memorial Day breakfast with Mama]
[Delicious grilled burger!  Hubby marinated hamburger patties overnight in white wine and Teriyaki sauce.  While grilling, he seasoned them with garlic herb shaker stuff, topped off with home-made cole slaw=the perfect burger!]

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