Monday, May 13, 2013

The Perfect Weekend

Oh goodness!  Where do I begin?  This weekend was such an amazing weekend.  It was full of productivity, love, fun, adventure and celebration for all of you wonderful mothers out there. (Though, just for the record, I have to revert to childhood antics and say that my mom is better than your mom.  Say what you will.)  :)
     After a long evening of working all day Friday, then working the Jason Aldean concert in the evening at the BOK Center, I had Tulsa Opera Chorus auditions on Saturday.  I felt like it went really well!  I used one of my favorite Bellini arias Oh! quante volte from his E Montecchi ei Capuleti.  Beautiful piece sang by Juliette.  I hope to hear back soon.  Their next season starts in October with Le nozze di Figaro.  Wish me luck!
    After auditions, we took Bandit to the dog park then took him back home before we went on a little antiquing excursion to Skiatook and Collinsville.  While in Skiatook, David found another antique rotary fan to refurbish. (In case I hadn't mentioned it before, David loves antique fans.  In fact, you could say he is a 'fan-attic'!  Tee-hee)  While there, we also ran across an old Dolorian car on display in the back of an antique shop.  The owner's husband had bought it for her as a Christmas present years ago and there it had sat.  She felt like it wouldn't be appropriate for a grandmother to be driving it around, but to each their own!  It was pretty neat to see one in the flesh.  I had never seen one before.

    Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Hubby's mama at Cracher Barrel. Yuummmm.  As always, I overate.  I think it was the hashbrown casserole that did me in.  *sigh*  Gets me everytime!  The rest of Saturday after antiquing was spent trying to tidy up the house, which is represented by that first picture on the left.  I have graduated from stuffing things in my pockets or purse that I have found around the house, to putting on random articles of clothing that I find around.  I feel this helps me get more cleaning done.  Don't you?

    The precious birthday boy pictured below turned 4 years old today!  Soon, he's going to have to start using 2 hands to count his age.  his older brother and sisters are starting to have to use their toes soon.  It's scary how fast they're growing up!  Along with celebrating Mother's Day at Grandma's house (to a meal of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, green beans, mac&cheese, salad, fried zuchini (I might have started munching on that last one WAY before lunch was actually served,) we got to celebrate a precious little guy in our life. Sunday was a day full of celebration and of more productivity!

I'm not at liberty to say why quite yet, but I had to cut down a tree from the side of our house.  This is only half of it that's pictured.  I did it all by myself with a hand saw. (Actually, now that I think about it, I might have left that saw sitting on our front porch all and might still be there...)  But it was part of a big project that we have underway!  Pictures, before and after will be coming soon, I promise!
    Puppy was pooped after a day of running around outside in the beautiful weather.  I can always count on him for some good cuddling time! 
My other couple of projects this weekend were trying to start growing this avocado pit into a tree, (I know it doesn't happen over night. Haha!,) putting up the volleyball net we got from our wedding, and  trying to finish the rest of my Red Velvet birthday cake.  I only made it through half of the piece that was left.  But that was because, A. I was still partially full from Sunday lunch, and B. I had just cooked some delicious fajita chicken and rice quesadillas for Hubby and myself for a Mexican dinner night, complete with Mariachi band music playing in the background.
    All in all, it turned out to be a perfect weekend.  Plus, we might have a little soccer player puppy on our hands.  He loved playing with the volleyball that we got.  Though he mostly just tried to fit his teeth around it.  Ha!  I wasn't ready for the weekend to be over!

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