Saturday, August 17, 2013

Like New

 I love antique shopping! But mainly I just love antique shopping with Hubby. I don't get to spend enough time with him, it feels. This is a little guy that we picked up on one of our trips. A cute little ceramic owl on a stack of books. He was in pretty good shape except for some little nicks here and there. Having worked at Kirkland's home decor for almost 3 years I picked up a few at home quick fixes. This works on ceramics, picture frames (plastic or wood,) and many other decor items. All you need is a sharpie!! Depending on the color of the object, black is a good color to keep around, along with a couple of shades o brown and tan.

Just lightly fill in the white spots and dab to take away any shininess to make it blend better. Sometimes sharpies can tend to have a blue or purple hue when held in the right light. Dabbing it with your finger or paper towel helps keep that to a minimum and blend it.  And voilà!


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