Friday, August 9, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Happy Friday everyone!  Fridays always make me happy so I thought I'd share a few other things  that make me happy as well!  Now these are in no particular order, mind you.  Just the order in which I found them.
    First up, I love it when Bandit cuddles with me!  I myself am a big cuddler so I love it when he snuggles up with me during the night.  I know what you're thinking, and yes, I do periodically wake up in the middle up the night and feel that Bandit is in a cute position so I must take a picture!  Yes, a lot of the pictures on my phone are of him.  Yes, I love him very much and almost feel as if he is a child.  I worry about him when I leave the house, I don't want him to get too lonely, or have to go to the bathroom but can't because there's no one to let him out.  So yes, I do take pictures of him sleeping.  Sometimes I take pictures of Hubby sleeping too, but only if I go to bed later than him.  I know, I know.  Creeper I am!  But I don't do it very often!  Only if it really strikes me.

                                                                         One of my biggest joys in life is my husband! He is so sweet, funny, kind, loving, generous, motivated, encouraging...the list could go on and on.  He makes me feel beautiful and special, loved and wanted.  Here is a  throwback picture of him!  I'm not sure what school year this was, but it was for one of his school proms.  That's his first car pictured with him, the one that I mentioned in a previous post about bringing home a '68 Lincoln.  Isn't he handsome in that tux?!

  Though we may not look like it in this tin type picture, my family makes me very happy.  I am blessed to have such a caring, enthusiastic, sharing, encouraging, supportive family.  They helped me through 7 years of college, not to mention everything from changing my diaper to who can keep track of what all else!  They make me laugh, make me feel loved.  I know you guys probably have a great family too, but all I'm sayin' is that mine's the best.

  I get a lot of joy out of Pinterest.  They always have helpful, silly, insightful, inspirational things on it.  Here is one of the silly pictures that I found a lot of humor in.  Look!  It's a dog!  Holding a gun!  That's silly, cause dogs don't carry guns.  Get it?  And it says pew, pew, pew.  That's what I call my little 380 handgun sometimes, my Pew Pew.  But you have to say it in a high pitched voice.  You can't say it in a normal tone.  I dare you to try it!

I am thankful for my other job at the BOK Center.  I work in guest services and sometimes get to scan tickets for concerts.  I love people watching.  I love getting to help and serve people.  So it's the perfect place for me to do so!  The last concert I worked was the Taylor Swift concert.  She put on a really good show and had a good message for all of the little kiddos that were out in the audience.

Below is a picture of my puppy again.  I told you I liked taking pictures of him!  Here is is, drowsy and ready for bed.  He came up from underneath the covers cause I guess the TV was too loud.  The shot was perfect so who was I to resist?

Gummy candy is my favorite kind of candy!  I love neon sour gummy worms, those Haribo sour peach candies, sour peach rings (can you tell I like peach too?!,) those juice filled gummy bugs.  You name it, if it's gummy, I like it.  I love those gummy candies that look like sunny side up eggs.  Has anyone else ever had those?  Mm-mm.  I was killing time before dinner out with friends one night and wandered into The Fresh Market off of 81st and Yale and ran across the funnest gummy candy that reminded me of our recent trip to Boston.  Gummy Lobsters!!  And no, they don't taste like lobster.  I probably wouldn't have eaten them if they had.

   And lastly, my corn.  I planted these stalks when they were but mere seeds.  Now look at them!  They have started getting their first little ears of corn!!  It was so exciting to see those little tufts sticking out periodically.  Now I'm just ready for them to get big enough to eat!  Right now they're about as big as my pinky.

    So there you have it!  Some of the people and things that bring me joy in life.  What brings you joy and happiness?

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