Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome Home, Lincoln!

My Hubby's first car was a red '78 Lincoln that was passed down to him from his grandpa.  In their early driving years, he and his two best friends all drove Lincoln's.  Knowing who those two friends are, I feel like those kinds of cars really suited them.  They were all born older.  I joke about it sometimes and call Hubby my old man and that I'm there to keep him young, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  His mom says it all the time that he's wise beyond his years, and yes, he may get along better with older folk rather than people his own age.  But it suits him.  He helped bring a mature foundation to our marriage that I am very thankful for.  So natuarally a Lincoln, thought of as a gentleman's car was a perfect fit.
    There she sits in all her classic glory.  Hubby's dream car.  He's wanted a 2 door Lincoln Continental with a 460 engine since he was a kid. So when he found one at a hard to resist price, he snatched it up!  We couldn't get the engine to run at first, so we bought a new battery and tweaked a coupel of things and the engine roared to life.  Of course, as soon as he took his foot offthe gas petal it'd die, but it was a start!

The interior needs to be cleaned out, seats reupholstered, some stuff (yes, that's a technical term) done to the engine, the electrical door locks and windows don't work, and some body work, including being painted and getting a new vinyl overlay on the roof.  Not too bad, considering it's age and what it could look like.  According to the tag, it was last tagged in February of this year, so it was still driving at one point this year.
    Needless to say, Hubby is very excited and has been working on it every day since we got it. 

    Now for me.  This is my latest craft project.  I gotthe idea from a friend that always had the cutest iPhone cases.  Her secret?  A clear iPhone case.  That way you could just print off pictures, cut them to size and have any kind of cover you wanted!!  I'm a person that likes to change seasonally.  I couldn't carry a pink iPhone case in the Fall, or an orange one in the Winter!  Problem solved!  This is a fun Springy/Summery one that I found online and printed off.  The case itself was about $10 online.  Nothing compared to the $30 and up cases that I see while out and about. 

What are some of y'all's unique craft projects?

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