Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boston: The Final Chapter

Our poor little puppy missed us while we were gone!  My sister was so sweet and puppy and house sat for us.  She kept him good company so he didn't get lonely.  Thank you Rachel for taking such good care of everything!!

  {In other news, I promise this will be the last of my Boston posts for a while!  Though It was such a great trip full of fun and family.  Below is a picture at one of the hugest antique malls we have eeever been to.  When I say huge, I mean like 50 stores put together.  It just went on and on and on.  I never even got to see everything.  I spent enough time getting stuck in the book section going through all the music they had.  There was an entire huge warehouse of row upon row of furniture.  And the store smelled amazing. Old, musty, exciting, and full of the anticipation of finding hidden treasures.  This is just one of the many antique stores that we went to while here, but it was by far the most extensive!  If David and I had driven and had a truck, you bettere believe that truck would have been full with a full trailer hitched up!  This store was full of amazing things!  The New England area offered different varieties of antiques that we were very impressed with.  We hope to start saving and be able to drive back at another time with a truck and trailer!}

{This is a collage of photos taken at an architectural salvage place in Newbedford, MA. This place was also amazing!  I didn't know they existed.  Rooms full of old windows, light fixtures, shutters, porch columns, chair railings, mouldings, anything you can imagine that can be salvaged from renovating an old home.  That's another thing about New England.  The architecture.  There's nothing like it.  Even the new houses being built look old.  We love how they stick to the classic style and don't build the "how soon can we get this house put up and sold" architecture that has no art and that seems to be popping up more and more here in Oklahoma.}

{The sun setting into the water at the dock close to the Linde's Quincy home.  It was a perfect evening.  We all 4 sat on the doc eating ice cream, watching the sun set.}

{The last night we were in MA we went to Jake's Seafood in Hull.  It's a restaurant right on the water with the seafood practically jumping from the water into our plates!  Don and I splurged and got fresh lobster!  It was mm-mm good.  I didn't expect it to come our whole.  Here in the state surrounded by land, I've only seen lobster tail served.  Don had to show me how to start.  (It was a little overwhelming to think of how to start!)  The sangria was good, (though since David and I had out of state licenses, they requested a second photo i.d. (which I've never encountered before) and the only other i.d.'s we had on us were our gun licenses!  Imagine us ordering drinks with DLs and gun permits!) company was great and the food was unlike any seafood we've ever had.}

{Just a few parting memories!}

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