Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boston Bound

*Insert Augustana's song Boston here*

Hubby and I are going on our first vacation together since our honeymoon last year!  (I know, I know, not that long a time ago.)  But it's our first time flying together.  And certainly the farthest we've traveled together.  Boston.  I. Am. Stoked.  We both are.  We're going to visit his family that's up there, see his dad, and meet his step mom for my first time.  So many firsts on this trip!  I've never been to Boston.  I've been to Cape Cod, but only for about 2 days to go to one of my cousin's weddings yeeeears ago.  (Which was an amazing trip as well and another story all together!)    Have I already mentioned how excited we are?  I am actually going to be going to bed soon.  Our flight leaves at 6:45am! (Much thanks to Mama in advance for driving us to the airport at an hour that no human was meant to see!) I've been packed for a week, and have had a packing list ready about 3 before that.  And not to mention, a list that lists out all of my outfits, each outfit grouped together by brackets.  I might or might not have my 4th of July outfit already picked out as well.  I would rather be over than under prepared! To get everyone excited, I have included a few things I'm really looking forward to.  Just a few.....
  **What are some things y'all recommend not leaving Boston without having seen?**


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  1. You have to have Parker House rolls at the Parker House, Boston Creme pie, Cheers, Freedom Trail, FAO Swartz, the T, Prudential tower, whale watches, a clam bake, our version of Dunkin' Donuts....and a Red Sox game!