Monday, June 10, 2013

Branson, Here We Come!

    Growing up, some of my fondest summer memories were the trips our family took to Branson, Missouri.  It would be my parents and sister, Grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousin, and sometimes our family friends whose father used to be the preacher of our old church.  We would always stay at Lakeshore Resort, which is sadly no longer there.  Men would fish, children would play and women would go shopping.  Grandpa would always tell us that we had to be quiet on the doc or else we'd scare away all the fish.  Boy was that hard to be quiet!  One of these days I'll try diggin up old pictures from those trips to put up on here. 
    We had a real treat in getting to bring our little cousins, the next generation!  Suddenly mine and my sister's roles were reversed and we found ourselves as part of the adult group instead of the kids!  It was a sobering but exhilirating experience as we found ourselves saying some of the exact same things our parents had.  We all got to be kids though when we went to Silver Dollar City!  We rode all the rides, saw all the sites, looked in a few shops, and ate all the delicious amusement park food.  The only thing that I lacked trying (yet again) was the red velvet funnel cake.  One of these days I'm going to get my hands on one of those!!
    I know these photos only show a limited amount of what all we got to see do, and who all was with us.  On this trip were 4 rowdy, loving, precious kiddos, and 4 adults; yours truly, Sister, our Mama and Grandma.  It was pretty neat having 4 generations present!
[Hanging out before we left for Missouri.  He looks just like his dad, my cousin did at that age!]
[Sadly, the archway McDonald's was closed for construction.  Always loved stopping there]
[Welcome to Missouri!]
[I'd like to take all of the construction cones and make em into something more useful than a construction site...]
[Chillin at the hotel before we left for SDC]
[There be cowboys here!]
[Well I can tell you that their trespass was not lollygagging!]
[The big lobby at the Branson Towers where we stayed]
[All of the kiddos got to drive the Ducks!  A trip to Branson isn't complete without riding in one of these once wartime vehicles.  They drive from the land straight into the water! And drive right back out!  How many vehicles that you know of can do that?]

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