Monday, April 1, 2013


Christ has risen. He died for our sins and rose again to be with the Father. It is the ultimate sacrifice of history.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little cousins? They're so smart and precious, all 4 of them! Ages 3-11. All I want to do is spoil them. This year I decided to put together a little treat for them of things I picked up at the $1 store while I was out and about.
I included some candy: chocolate eggs, double bubble gum eggs, peanut butter eggs, and (my personal favorite) gummy bunny teeth!! I also included that noise making goo for the boys, and expandable princess washcloths for the girls. Simple contents, but the kids are so good, they love anything. They deserve anything!
For Easter, we all went to church Sunday morning and we presented the second half of our church's Passion Week, our annual musical drama. I was Mary Magdalene. We depicted Jesus' betrayal by Judas in the garden all the way up to his crucifixion and resurrection. It was a very touching performance and I think it was our best one yet! We then went to Grandma's house for delectable ham, potatoes, asparagus, macaroni, salad, bread, and....3 pies to choose from for dessert; chocolate mousse, coconut cream and cherry cream!!! Hubby, Mama and I then went to Victory's 'Risen' drama. Also depicting Jesus's entry into Jerusalem, the miracles he performed and his crucifixion and resurrection. It's a story I never tire of being told. Our Saviour's sacrifice to send his own son to die for us on the cross for sins that had been committed and sins that had yet to be committed. It's the greatest love story.

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