Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank You! and Spring Contest

Well folks, I've gotta hand it to you.  We did it!  I want to thank you for helping me reach over 1,000 page views!!  This blog was a slow process to get started.  I started it last year as a sort of means to chronicle the wedding planning, but as you can see if has turned into something more.  I'm a big sharer of things that I love, how I feel.  It keeps me going knowing that I could potentially help someone have a better day, a successful craft night, an inspirational saying, or  a hearty home-cooked meal or dessert!  I couldn't have done it without  all of you.  I appreciate everyone stopping by and taking an interest in some of the same things that I love.  

   To celebrate, I'm going to hold a contest.  Start commenting on here, or on my post about this on Facebook.  I want to know one or two things that have been milestones in your life, whether it be an achievement, an award, a turning point, or something you are very proud of.  I'll  accept comments made from now until May 1.  

  What is the prize, you ask?  I will send you the book 'Fireflies in December', by Jennifer Erin Valent.  It's in a trilogy with 'Cottonwood Whispers' and 'Catching Moondrops'. It's one of my favorite books I've read so far this year, and for awhile.  It's about a turning point, a milestone in two young girls lives.  It takes place in the early 1900's, amidst prejudice and racism.  The threat of the Ku Klux Klan is so big in a small southern town that it threatens the lives of a white family that took in an African American girl after  the girl's parents died in a fire.  It's the Summer that Jessalyn Lassiter stops being a little girl, and starts learning what it really means to love someone so much that you'd risk your life to save hers.  Once I started reading this book on my Kindle, I could hardly put it down!  So go ahead and start commenting!  I would love to share this book with you!!  

    Thank you all again for helping me make this a successful blog!  While you're commenting, feel free to give me some ideas of things you all would like to see on here!

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  1. My first milestone was graduating from nursing school while my boys were young. Little did I know that being a nurse would prepare me for my second milestone. Because I am a nurse, I have always had a job and the ability to relocate as needed. When our granddaughter was born severely ill, I believe it was my knowledge as a nurse that help myself and my family see past her disease and be able to enjoy the beautiful little princess that we had with us for those short 18 months. Sharing that 18 months with that precious baby girl and my family is my biggest milestone.