Friday, March 15, 2013

Owl Always Love You

Well folks, we made it to Friday!!  The skies are sunny, the breeze faint and a high of 83 sparkling in the very near future of today!  Makes me want to be outside.  Maybe I will finish pulling all the old plants out of our front beds and prepping it for my new big plan.  Hubby is going to prep for planting grass seed in the back corner of our yard.  It is sadly bare back there.  Poor corner.  :/   Another project of mine will be planting the little Sweet Basil plant that I bought at Lowes.  It goes on everything!  Well, maybe not everything, but burgers, and pasta and other Italian dishes.  But enough about that.  I promised house things on Fridays, so house things you will get!  We'll call it Restoration Friday...

  This is one of my favorite room decors.  It's also done in the room that we actually use the least.  The Guestroom. The room that might nor might not still have a couple of wedding gifts waiting to be given a home in the house.  When we moved into this house, everything was white.  White walls, white ceilings, and in some rooms white vinyl floors.  I really wanted a room that was gray.  The main rooms of the house are in bold but cozy colors; red, yellow, and bamboo.  So I wanted to soften up the bedrooms with soothing colors, hence the gray. 

I promise there's more to the room than the pictures show.  It was hard to take the one perfect picture that showed the whole room. 

Here is the semi finished transformation.  I booughtthe sheer curtains at IKEA when I went on a shopping trip with family to Texas. (There's an earlier post about it if you are just now tuning into the blog.)  I'll add more pictures on the room details in another post.  Like I said, I'm still trying to get better about taking detail pictures! 
    If you hadn't guessed, the room's theme is.....OWLS!  I fell in love with owls a few years ago and haven't been able to stop.  Some of you might recognize Hedwig hanging over the bed, in the window.  The painting on the right is one that I did especially for this room.  You gotta start somewhere! 

    This quilt was a wedding present to Hubby and I from a dear lady at church.  She was in a quilting club with my great Grandma York and this was the quilting pattern of one of the quilts they'd worked on.  (Though this isn't the actual quilt they'd worked on together.)  The quilt contains pieces of fabric from the maker's own clothing from when she was growing up!  Such a precious precious gift.

Three ofthe things in this picture are from my beloved Kirkland's; the owl, the flower and the small corner of mirror that you see.  The note is one of the many sweet notes from my Husband from back when we were dating.  It's one in which he says that he will one day make me his wife.  And he did!!

This is the whole mirror (ofthe corner)  that you saw.  A couple of the small mirrors, along with the big mirror (obviously) are missing.  I hope to one day find a piece or have a piece of round mirror made to go back in the center.  I love this piece!  It's modern, yet classy.  Hubby does not share my sentiments.  Haha.  But he has a whole workshop to decorate.  I have the house.  :)
Here are a few details of the things on the book shelf.  If I remember right, Hubby's dad actually made this shelf.  Of course, there's the Hunger Games trilogy.  Good books!  If you haven't already read them, I highly recommend them!  Of course owl paraphernelia. (sp?  that word has always tripped me up.  Even trying to say it!)  The two plus owls were made by and given to me by Grandma! (my Mom's mom.) One for Christmas, and one included in a wedding gift.  The little Eskimo fan wasa refurbished oscillating fan.  Refurbished by Hubby.  It's a big hobby of his, which has slowly but surely overtaken the house. You are sure to find atleast 3 oscillating fans in each room, sometimes more! (I won't even mention the fan stash in the attic!  I guess you could call it a fan-attic! Cause he's a fanatic about fans...)  The glass figurine is Suzuki from Puccini's Madame Butterfly.  The figurine itself is from 1986, the year I was born.  It was one of the things I got from my Nan Sarah, Dad's step-mom, after she moved into assisted living.  It is a very dear piece to me.

And there you have it!  Like I promised, I will be posting more pictures of this room soon.  There are more fun details that have yet to be seen!!  I hope you all enjoy your weekends!

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