Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Awakening

This weekend was a semi big weekend.  I was able to fit a lot into those 2 short days.  I was able to take a half day at work on Friday to get all sorts of stuff done that I wouldn't be able to do during the week.  such as getting my updated license with my new last name!!  It all finally seems official. (All I lack is getting a new passport)  It only took me an hour to stand in line to apply for my open carry permit and to get my fingerprints and photos taken for it at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.  It's amazing how waiting in a waiting area for an hour or longer can really bring people together.  Towards the end, we started clapping or cheering whenever a person was called to go back.  It made the long wait a little more bearable. 

Saturday morning, on a day that felt less like a Spring day and more like a winter reawakening we went to the Tulsa Home and Garden Show at the Expo Square.  There was a lot to see, though not as many plant booths as I'd hoped.  All in all, there were only two booths that we saw that had seeds and bulbs.  I was hoping to stock up on bulbs to plant in the front flower beds that i've begun clearing out.  My current idea is to tear out all the little fluffy grass fronds and put in a multi-layer of other plants.  Towards the back, i'd like to put little bluestem (which is a native prairie grass) that boasts beautiful colors in the summer and in the Fall. (In the fall, they turn from summer green to a bronzy red.) In front of those, I'd like to put orange butterfly weed.  It would be so fun to see how many butterflies it would aatract during the summer months.  And in front of those, at the front edge of the bed, maybe Marigolds.  I harvested the seed pods off of the Marigolds I got for graduation last May so have plenty to grow!
Here are some precious, dainty blue flowers that have appeared all over our backyard.  The grass around them is so green and the flowers so bright.  I almost hate to step on them!  They're just one sign though that spring is awakening as the winter is being pushed back. (Minus a few blah cold days that we've recently had.)  There were some beautiful pnk flowers that sprang up last Spring beneath the big pecan tree that's in the middle of our backyard.  I am hoping that they make a reappearance.  (The last grouping was mowed down by the lawn service, despite my telling them to be careful of  them.)

No weekend is complete without a little cuddle time with my puppy, Bandit.  We were sitting at the front of the house, waiting for Hubby to get home.  The front of the house is Bandit's favorite creeping spot.  There's two windows, one that opens up to the street and one that faces our neighbors.  He enjoys looking out of both and seeing the people and dogs walk by.

  (I was also distracting myself form the second portion ofthe rising that the bread I made had to do.  I will put this super easy bread recipe on here in a couple of days.  When I say easy, I mean e.a.s.y!!)

Saturday was an exciting evening!  I arrived at TU's Lorton Performing Center to prepare for the evening's Gala and Concert.  Tulsa Oratorio Chorus (of which I am a first year member) celebrated it's 20th Anniversary with a beautiful gala before our Tribute to Film and Stage Music concert.  The Lorton Performing Arts Center (named after Roxana  Rózsa  and Robert Eugene Lorton) is a beautiful, new state of the art facility.  It boasts practice rooms, a small recital hall (the Meinig Recital Hall,) the main recital hall (Gussman Auditorium) and student practice rooms.  It also holds a number of beautiful art pieces, including an original Picasso piece.
Our concert contained pieces by Bernstein from West Side Story and Candide (It's well known 'Make Our Garden Grow'), pieces from Les Miserables, and film pieces by John Williams, Morricone, and 'the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!  All in all, it was a great performance that entertained all.  My only regret is that I could not turn around and stare at t he projection screen the whole time.  While we were singing, pieces of the films from which we had music represented were playing on a giant projection screen.  I had never been to a concert like it.
All in all it was an enjoyable weekend!  I spent it with friends and family, and (despite the surprisingly cold weather) got a lot accomplished.  Those always make forthe best weekends!

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