Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day

I was so surprised and pleased when I opened up the back door to let Bandit out this morning and saw that it had begun to snow.  Little white specks that melted upon impact with the ground.  Bandot seemed to love running around in it.  Imagine my joy as the flakes began getting gradually bigger as I got ready for the day.  Bandit lounged on his favorite chair in the corner and gazed out the windows at the quickly gathering white blanket. 
  My joy escalated as my friend got to work and asked me if I wanted to fulfill one of my photo dreams.  A dream I'd had since getting engaged over a year ago.  I won't give anything else away, except that it involves snow!  It was hard to contain myself, so I just had to share a quick hint with you all.  All will be revealed in about a week or so!!

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