Monday, February 25, 2013

Grandma Date

This weekend was a fun filled weekend.  Saturday, my sister, Rachel and I went on a date with our Grandma to go see the movie 'Safe Haven'.  It's based off of the Nicholas Sparks novel.  It's about a woman who escapes from a physically abusive marriage and finds herself in Southport, North Carolina.  She tries keeping a low profile, in constant fear that her husband would find her.  She finds herself falling in love with a single dad with two kids and finds herself at a turning point in her life.  It was such a good movie full of hope of overcoming and of healing love.
  Afterwards we went and ate lunch at Coney I-lander.  So delicious!  It was good getting to spend the day with Grandma and Sister.  They are part of such a precious precious part of my family that I love getting to spend time  with.

This shirt was one of my favorite finds of my trip to OKC a few weeks ago.  I found it at a resale shop called the Daisy Exchange.  It's full of beautiful gently used clothing.  They buy or  trade clothes.

The jacket I got several years ago at Wal-Mart, of all places.  It was a 'make myself feel better' jacket after I came out of my apartment at the time to find the side view mirrors on my car bashed off.  It was been a faithful jacket.

This purse used to be my Mama's.  Actually I found it in ht back of the closet in my old room at their house and decided I wanted to use it.  I believe that it's hers from back in the day, maybe a gift from her mama.  I just found it while trying  to organize stuff in my house the other day and have been using it ever since.  When I carry a purse, I don't just carry it for a week.  I carry it for a couple of months.  I hate cleaning out my purse.  though since the purses I've been carrying have gotten smaller and smaller, I have less to clean out.  :)

Here's a close up of the fun print of the shirt.  I just loved it!  I still couldn't resist when I was told that it was accidentally placed on the $3 rack and was instead $8 or $12.  It's hardfor me to pay full price for clothes any more whehn I know there are places like Daisy Exchange or Platos closet just full of stranger's hand me downs!    I love the wildlife print.  Full of mooses (meese?), does, bucks, bunnies and geese.  It sure cheers me right up when I put it on!

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