Thursday, February 7, 2013

Red Velvet

I love Red Velvet anyhting.  Red velvet, cake, cheesecake, funnel cake, Ice Cream, cookies.  You name it, I love it.

Imagine my surprise, when walking down the cereal aisle at Reasor's my eye zero in on the end cap display of Red Velvet pop tarts.  Limited Edition!  I wanted to grab twenty boxes of them!  But I showed restraint and only grabbed two.  I could hardly wait to try them.  I started at them longingly in my cart the rest of our way through the grovery store.
     I'd like to th ink that it was fate that brought me to these tasty morsels.  Normally I do our grovery shopping at Wal-Mart or very limitedly at Target. (Which is a whole other rant in itself.  Why in the world would they only put a Target and not a Super Target in as  heavy a shopping area as the one close to my home?!)  A friend of mine needed to go grocery shopping as well.  We are both procrastinators when it comes to pushing our carts through all of those delicious food covered aisles in order to line our shelves at home.  This time she brought me to Reasor's to do our shopping.  And I was glad that she did.  Not only was I introduced to these delicious delicacies, but I also bought twice as many groceries for a fraction ofthe price!  (Not to mention healthier choices.)  So I'd say it was a grocery trip well spent.  My tummy and bank account left happy.
  Fast forward to the next morning.  I could hardly contain my hunger as I carried the little silver wrapped treats to the office with me, went upstairs for my coffee, then back down to pop them in the microwave.  As I pulled them out of the microwave and inhaled their deliciously sweet scent, my mouth began to water double time.  And as I bit into their gooey, cream cheesy center I was more satisfied than I'd ever been with a pop tart.  Please, please pop tarts make them a permanent flavor!

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