Monday, December 9, 2013

Deck the Halls

Is everyone in Tulsa surviving all of the snow?  I must say that I do love winter accessories very much.  And I like a little cool weather.  And I do like white Christmases.  But Fall is still my all-time favorite season. Though I think the snow is beautiful, this biting weather is just too much.  

My husband and I volunteered at Church on the Move's Christmas Train for our first time this year.  It was amazing!  And cooold!  I got to go around as part of a 10 or so person group caroling throughout Dry Gulch.  Husband was a train conductor!  I had to do a double take when he came out of his dressing room all dressed to the nines like a conductor straight out of the late 1800's. He looked so good!!  I wanted him to keep the costume and wear it all the time.  It could fit into an electrical drafter's office environment, right?

  It was so rewarding getting to walk around and see the happy looks on people's faces.  They requested Christmas carols, sang along and took pictures with us.  It's something we would definitely do again, though hopefully it won't be so cold next time.  They said that it was the coldest it's ever been while still keeping the Christmas Train open.  It even snowed a little!  

Our children will love us.  They will love being dressed up in little outfits and being paraded around as the most precious kiddos in the world.  Bandit on the other hand...he was shaking as I put his little Santa jacket on before her went outside.  I don't know if it was because he was already cold or if he was so ashamed to be seen in it.  That was his shortest little trip outside since it snowed.  He did his business then was ready to come back inside.  Mommy's sorry you were embarrassed....but you looked so cute!!

I am proud of how this little tree turned out.  It was a very sad looking tree when I pulled it down from the attic.  All flattened with branches going every which way, and was missing 1/3 of its little legs to stand on.  Husband came into the sun room to find me sitting on the floor with the tree in my hand, woeful look on my face crying, how do I make it stand up?!  Husband, in all of his logical-ness said "Why don't you put it in something..."  So I did.  An orange insulated mug that I found on the kitchen counter, wrapped some burlap around it and called it good!  Know one will ever know....except for y'all because I just told you...shhh.

Since it's in our sun room and our sun room is nautical themed, I did a halfway nautical themed tree with seashells and little blue and cream paper accordion bows.  I was pretty pleased with myself and my resourcefulness.    

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