Thursday, January 5, 2012


So I promise this is the final change in venue.  I have it booked, security deposit made.  All I have to do is sign my name.  We have chosen Olivet Baptist Church in Tulsa to host this wonderful celebration.  It has been my home church for over 10 years.  It is filled with such loving people and means a lot to me, so it only made sense to choose it.  Now the planning details can begin! (And begin they have)
More updates soon to come.  I am sure that I will get plenty more ideas when I attend my first Bridal Show!  I am very excited!!  Not to mention, I'll get to wear my Sexy Little Bride jacket that was a great find from one of my mom's friends.
    Well that's all for now.  Today, I am going to donate platelets with OBI.  I feel like it's a great way to be able to give back to my community and am happy to do it.

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