Thursday, January 5, 2012

Urban Photos

David and I had a second engagement photo session before Christmas and I am very happy with the results.  Tyler is such a talented photographer and we are so lucky to have him and his wife Shurayah as friends!  This time, we chose a city setting as our backdrop.  These photos were taken in Downtown Tulsa.

       Photos by TWgrafx

So I re-edited this post and added different, full size pictures.  This was such a fun shoot!  The one with the red truck was funny because I wanted to get a picture of us jumping down off the ledge while holding hands.  He did not want to jump.  So it was a stand-off for a little while, which is why we both have our arms crossed.  The bricks, soda & cigar and wooden door are all on the same little corner in downtown.  It was such a neat spot  that my parents and I ran across earlier last year on the day we were leaving for North Carolina.  David was far better than I at remembering where it was.

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