Friday, January 17, 2014

Early Spring Cleaning

    Spring cleaning has begun in the Linde household!  I've done the same thing at my office.  Decor has been updated, cleaning started and finished, (though decor not so much at the office, still have a little ways to go!) We went through a huge filing project and went through at least 15 years worth of files.  Good news is it will now be much much easier for next year when we only have to throw out a few files.  They are now nicely and neatly organized by year. 

     I wish I could say we were done cleaning and organizing at our house too.  This year I am going to focus on de-cluttering.  It will be hard.  My husband and I like things.  We like stuff.  And that's ok.  We just need to get choosier about the kind of stuff that we keep.  Like the out-of-sight stuff.  But really we need to clean it all out.  I think it's gotten a little out of hand.  I will feel so much better once I have all of our surfaces cleaned up and cleared off.  It really isn't as bad as it sounds.  But lets be honest here....any flat surface is a stuff magnet: mail, dishes, nick-nacks, discarded purse items, bullets, writing utencils, coats, name it.  

  Our formal livingroom was in much need of an update.  While the furniture in it was comfortable and nice, let's face it; it was the furniture that Husband had had from his single days apartment.  Bottom line, it was time for an upgrade.  Everything else in the room is pretty much light and airy so we needed something that was going to stand out and not just blend in.  

    After a little looking around, we finally found the couch at Sunshine Furniture.  We really liked the contrast.  I think you all will agree.  We also kept the old pillows (for now,) and added a few more to tie in the lighter colors.  The two cream ones with designs came from one of my favorite stores, Garden Ridge.  They were on sale!  The one in the middle was hand drawn by a man at the Vintage show called 2 Girls and Junk that I posted about a few weeks back.  I love it! It says "If Vintage is wrong then I don't want to be right." $15 and he could write anything you wanted on it.  


Don't you love it??

    My coffee corner is a constant work in progress.   I'm never happy with it for long.  But I'm starting to like it more and more. These canisters were $29.99 from Cracker Barrel and were just sitting up in our attic in a box ever since our wedding.  (We used them at the wedding in which to put candy.)  The coffee sign was $5.99 from.....Garden Ridge!  Cow creamer $4.99 from Target, and the double stacked teapot/teacup was a Christmas gift from one of my best friends!

Our pantry was my first home organization project this year!  Just a few toes, some labels, and some patience helped lead to this wonderfully organized pantry.  Storage cubes were $6.99/piece from Target.  I separated them into Pasta/Rice, Breakfast, baking, condiments, and one the shelf not pictured- snacks.  Snacks actually got 2 cubes.

    A new springy tablecloth from....Target! $4.99 on clearance!  You will notice a couple of recycled pieces from my Christmas/Winter tablescape.

     {And a sneak peek at my next project for my booth!!}

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