Wednesday, February 1, 2012


                   The house is ours!!
We closed on Tuesday.  And by 'we' I mean David.  I was unfortunately stuck in Edmond doing mundane things such as choir and opera rehearsals...(during which we did get a lot accomplished.)  It is move in ready and we (and again I mean 'we' as in David and my Parents) have begun moving things in.  My parents came down yesterday and help load up the bedroom suite that we got from EARC Thrift store.  It's very nice!  A 5 piece set at a very decent price.  We also got to enjoy a delicious dinner at Earl's Rib Palace, (home of Oklahoma's best BBQ!!)  Though I will be going there this weekend to help with the moving process.  Maybe now would be a good time to clear out a few of my holiday decoration tubs that are sitting in my kitchen in Edmond and taking up space in the shed out back... Surely there's room for 4 tubs somewhere...
    Another fun thing about this weekend:  in the backyard of our new house there is a shed.  This shed is full of things!!  Furniture-galore!  We get to go through it.  There are some amazing looking red velvety arm chairs that I hope to get my hands on.  So it shall be quite an adventure on what we find.  We can't even see everything that's in there by just glancing in.  Wish us luck!!  I already have so many decorating ideas that it's hard to keep track!
    We hope to have a house warming party soon!

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